I N F L U E N C E R S   U P R I M N Y   Z A J O   ( S L O V A K I A )

Hey, so my name is whatever you want it to be, but most of you know me as Zajo, so let’s stick with that ;). I am 24 years old, born in the little town of Zlate Moravce, currently trying to become US citizen. I am a college dropout, one of those that are happy that it didn’t work out. I work as a masseur, video editor, and besides that, I am trying to have a professional sports career.

How did you get to what you do, and what led you to it?
I created UZ back in 2016. I just started living in the US. I had a ton of new, funny, charismatic people around me… sometimes really stupid.

I took a two weeks vacation from work because of the big competition (Arnold Classic), and I was getting bored. At that time, I had this idea of creating a page that would be anonymous where I could drop these funny, sarcastic, truth bombs that I was listening to every day.

"My name is whatever you want it to be..."

How would you best describe what you are currently doing and what you would like to achieve with it?
I was never big on social media. I created a FB page and didn’t know how to work with it. I just started posting anything I found funny or quite fu**ed up about our world… and the page started growing. I reached 150K followers in 6 months. I would say that the key to this (besides stealing quotes 😉 ) was the consistency, which I think most of the content creators today don’t have.

In 2019 I decided that I wanted to move on and start working on other things but to stay in touch with followers, I created an Instagram account.

“Úprimný Zajo” from back then and “Úprimný Zajo” of today are different. Today, if I make a person chuckle or make him go “aha” about some issue, my job is done.

What do you consider most important in the influencer sphere, and why?
I think the most important thing is to be yourself; people can see through bullshit.

You inspire a lot of people with your contribution. You have a lot of followers. How do you feel that you are a person on the rise of fame?
Numbers go up, and numbers go down. I don’t bother with it, and I certainly don’t feel like a person on the rise of fame. The fact that I am staying anonymous probably helps with this mindset. I am just here to do my thing and make people laugh…

What do you think about international cooperation, and how do you perceive the idea of an international magazine focused on people’s stories?
I think it’s great and you guys are doing a good job putting this together, young people need to read about inspiring people all around the world. Not to follow but also to learn that they can create their own “success stories”.

Which culture is most interesting for you, and why? (European, Asian, African, American)
I travelled a lot but ironically the culture that fascinates me the most is the one I never visited, Asian.

There’s not a single thing I could point to, since childhood I was in love with it and dreamed of living there one day. Hopefully, next year will be the year I finally visit.

Which amazing and fascinating countries do you like and why? (respectively you would like them to visit)
I love America, i really do believe that its one of the greatest countries in the world (even tho the media would like you to believe otherwise), i love the mentality of the people and the opportunities. Other than that i would really like to visit Japan, its a childhood dream of mine that i still didnt manage to fulfill.

Do you have any ambitions and visions for the future? What would you like to achieve?
As for the Zajo i would just like to continue with what i am doing now, its kinda like my hobby. 

In my private life i am working every day to be the best version of myself. The goal is clear, become a millionaire, world champion in my sport, find a beautiful woman and have 2 kids, dog and one eyed cat 😉 and most importantly, live a happy life.

Do you have dreams? Have you managed to meet any of them already?
Of course i do, i think everyone should. I think i am really good in making small steps that are important for a long run and people forget about those and just want quick results in everything.

I accomplished many of my dreams, but the weird thing about them is that every time you hit them there is even bigger one right in front of you.

I found out that no matter how big the goal is, when you achieve it, it wont really brings you hapiness, so i am just trying to enjoy the ride at this point.

Which quotes best describes you and why?
”’He who says he can and he who says he cant are both usually right” – and i really believe its true.


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