W I T H   S I E N N A   A L L E R  ( U S A )

Sienna Aller, 7 yo, Oklahoma, USA Preprofessional junior ballet focus at Encore Ballet Conservatory. Started Ballet at two years old and loved it since. Benefits of Ballet are fitness and discipline for kids. It can consume all of your time not allowing for any more interest, but it’s healthy to complement Ballet with other interests. Ballet has helped me stay in shape, focus, be artistic, perform and practice memorization. My proudest moments are doing well in competitions because it shows that my hard work is paying off. Also, every time I achieve a goal in class. Sometimes I find it challenging to go home! I would like to be in the studio all the time.

I train five days a week. I practice at my home on my own, at he studio and also private lessons at home too. I work for about 2 hours at the studio and then I have private classes with my teacher. At home, I work with my mom in contemporary. I also take choreography classes from my aunt and then in the evening. I would on my improvising, stretching, etc… I was recently nominated Rising Star for a competition. I was also performing on stage again after a long break due to the pandemic. My biggest dream is to become a professional ballerina. Yes, my parents support me and encourage me to work hard every day.


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