W I T H   O L H A   P E T R I V S K A   ( M E X I C O )

My name is Olha Petrivska. I am 32 years old. Initially, I am Ukrainian, but three years ago, I got married to a Mexican and moved to Mexico City. In Ukraine, I did my master’s degree in philology (English language, World Literature and German language). In Mexico City, I studied executive coaching in one of the best private universities called La Universidad Iberoamericana. My brand is tailor-made for the top performers (top leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, business owners) who look for achieving more, becoming the best professionally and personally, leaving their positive impact and leadership legacy, making their country a better place to live.

I am still getting used to the massive (in comparison to Ukraine) territory of Mexico and enormous population. Imagine, the whole population of Ukraine is only double the population of Mexico City!

How does your country impact International trade & business?
Mexico depends quite much on the foreign trade (more than 70% of its GDP). The country imports integrated circuits/electronic chips, petroleum oils and vehicle parts. It exports mineral fuels, oils and machinery.

The leading trading partner is the USA, and there have been some complications due to NAFTA renegotiation and due to fluctuations in the oil prices. On the other hand, Mexico has free-trade agreements with approximately 40 different countries (the most beneficial are the Pacific Alliance, agreements with Japan and the European Union).

Mexico is very much open to foreign investment, but the foreign direct investment which comes mostly from the USA, Canada and Spain has decreased by 5% this year. The localization of inflows is mostly the capital of the country and the states close to the U.S. Border. The main sectors of investment are manufacturing, water, gas, electricity, trade and financial services. The touristic industry is very well developed and attracts considerable foreign investments. Unfortunately, the business climate suffers from the safety risk in different parts of the country.

What are the key advantages and disadvantages of international trade & cooperation? What are the key advantages and disadvantages of entrepreneurship in your country?
In my opinion, the critical advantage of the International trade is presentation and satisfaction of the demand on the exported goods, which might result in the decrease of dependency on the United States in trading relationships. The export opportunities are diverse and might become a viable back-up plan in case of further problems with NAFTA or any free-trade agreement.


The disadvantage is that in crises (like during the pandemic), the ability of either importing or exporting gets way too limited if not lost. As an average consumer, I have noticed the absence of many European food items and imported medicines due to the limited connection with other countries. I can imagine that the same shortage was felt in the countries where Mexico usually performs exportations. In many cases, the geographic position plays a crucial role.

The advantages of entrepreneurship are that there are plenty of areas which are on the early stage of development and it makes them attractive and open for healthy competition and diversity of offered services or goods. Also, colossal territory and huge population creates plenty and variety of demand on all types of products and services. One can create a small business or a corporation with branches all over the country and therefore either develop the strategy for satisfying precise requirements or tastes of a local market or play big and become a universal giant with primary geographical coverage.

The same can become a disadvantage. Poor strategic planning and lack of market knowledge of the peculiar area/region might lead to a failure due to incapacity of meeting specific needs or overloading the area with competence. My friend, who is the owner of the booming market research agency, explained to me someday the following “Look across the street. Do you see that new coffee shop? It’s the four thin this block. It increases competency and the chances that one of the other three is going to go bankrupt. Wouldn’t it be wiser to choose a location where there are no coffee shops (higher demand among the population) or set up a bakery store here or anything else which complements coffee?”ant are both usually right” – and i really believe its true.

Economic situation & about the perspective….
Mexico is the 2 nd largest economy in Latin America, but as I have mentioned, it depends much on the USA in the matters of trading and export. A new President took over at the end of 2018, and the growth of -0.1% accompanied his first year. The changes and the strategy of the new government generated some uncertainty and resulted in a decrease in the investment flow.

Due to the pandemic, the expected growth is predicted to fall to -6.6%, which might be overcome in 2021. Much depends on the oil sector as it sums up to one-third of the government revenues.

The cooperation with entrepreneurs from Mexico can bring great alliances to the entrepreneurs from abroad. If we review it from the perspective of the large corporation, it might be useful in getting to know cultural peculiarities, the specifics of building business relations, getting to know the possibilities and capacities of the local market and, of course, exchange of experiences and business know-how. Since the cooperation implies reciprocity, Mexican entrepreneurs might benefit as well by introducing business technologies from the abroad and optimizing business processes (in addition to knowledge exchange). Also, such cooperation might be fruitful for creating complementary services or amplifying the variety of offered goods.

The political situation…
In the ultimate elections (2018) the left party called MORENA won the vast majority of the votes for the first time. Consequently, the actual President of the United Mexican States (Andrés Manuel López Obrador) is the leader of this party. The strategy of the new government is to implement so-called 4T (4 th Transformation), which introduces economic, financial, fiscal reforms and legislation change of the energy sector. The latter appears to be quite a painful question for those advocating for the introduction and active usage of renewable (green) energy in Mexico. Unfortunately, this project was not supported by the governing party, which insists on using fossil fuel. Such a strategy doesn’t comply with the European policies of sustainability.

The people and entrepreneurs…
People in Mexico are amicable, warm, cheerful, curious, happy and easy-going. Ah, also, most of them are real party animals! Well, this is my perception based on my environment. As one of my acquaintances says, there are approximately 126 million Mexicans; how do you expect me to describe all of them? I’m sure that as in any other country there’s a wide variety of different types of personalities. The entrepreneurs I know and work with are incredibly intelligent, posses a unique set of diverse skills, which have helped them achieve excellent results and build multiple businesses, surround themselves with brilliant people to create partnerships, have vision and clear goals, understand the importance of human resources and contribute into the improvement of the country.

Which business culture do you like?
Back in Ukraine, I worked an international insurance giant and was lucky to cooperate with a massive variety of colleagues from Europe and the United States. I have become a fan of both cultures: European is very close to my heart by its straightforwardness, discipline, scrupulosity and punctuality; American fascinates me with innovative technologies in organizing business processes, orientation to corporate culture, implementing a vision and living corporate values.

I keep self-education as a coach and all the books on coaching or leadership I read are by American authors. What they started describing and promoting 10, 20, sometimes 30 years ago is still valid, essential and applicable. Moreover, in Mexico, many of those points are just starting to be brought to attention.

Describe your brand/company…
My brand is called Power of Victory. It’s all about executive, leadership, performance, organizational and business owners coaching. The philosophy of the brand is to educate and facilitate the professional lives of top performers. The vision is to make the world a better, more harmonic, fulfilling and satisfactory place, welcoming the most ambitious achievements, a total realization of personal potential and creativity.

The mission is to help top leaders taste the full power of victory and make the most of it for the prosperous society. The core values are integrity, authenticity, professional growth, commitment, challenges, excellence, passion, non-standard/individual approach, making a difference and social impact.

The idea of creating it was born when I arrived in Mexico. I knew I was going to start my Life over. I started seeking a meaningful occupation, and by meaningful, I imply the one which improves lives. When I decided on coaching, I started landing the ideas of my brand. Meanwhile studying I was thinking of the name, vision, mission, goals, values and plenty of technical and operational details.

Creating it was an essential process because it made me understand many things about myself and remove various limits I had in my head. This work never ends, there’s always something to optimize and improve, but what fills my heart is knowing that I am on my way to converting my brand into a positive global impact.

Describe the most beautiful and unique things about your business.
It’s the part of someone’s transformation either as a professional or as a personality. The most divine act in the universe is the act of creation. Plenty of literary masterpieces and, probably, all religions talk about creation. It helps us achieve self-realization and a sense of fulfilment. We create ideas, businesses, companies, teams, we cook dishes, bring up children, build, decorate homes and feel proud of all these, because creating we contribute a part of ourselves into it and let this part flourish beyond ourselves. Coaching my clients and witnessing every step towards best versions of themselves, bringing them utilizing reflexive questions to more in-depth understanding of themselves and higher levels of consciousness is just precious to me. It makes me feel like a creator and makes me experience my fulfilment.

Do you have some dreams?
I dream of a society, every member of which genuinely contributes to its well-being. I dream of companies and corporations worried about how to apply for the good all the talents and skills of their human resources. I dream of people who day by day improve themselves to achieve the State of “the best version of self” and eliminate the gaps in all the levels of needs to be able to realize themselves using serving. I dream of the planet full of responsible and respectful people who understand that cooperation gives exponential outcomes and can share the happiness of somebody’s success. And on such a planet, in such a society, with such companies and corporations, for such people, I keep fulfilling my life mission to help, assist and facilitate their growth, improvement, achievements and success, which is much more global than the success of a single person.

What has been your proudest moment as an entrepreneur? What has been your most challenging moment?
My proudest moment as a coach-entrepreneur was the success of my first client. The the whole process was euphoric and challenging: first, it was winning as a client a CEO of a the huge Mexican company, then leaning his story, his desires, goals, beliefs, dreams, inner obstacles and frustrations (it takes time for such a significant business figure to open and start talking freely about the most personal things), then there was a breath-taking progress and in only four months his life was turned upside down in the best meaning, which helped him fulfil the dream of his childhood, move to the USA and take up a new business challenge. I was proud of his achievements and myself at the same time!

The most challenging moment was the beginning of the pandemic because together with keeping my emotional balance, I had to assist my client to overcome their fears
and uncertainty. One thing is to facilitate a successful person become more successful in the regular conditions before-pandemic world), and it appeared to be different coaching aimed at maintaining what clients have, their sanity, positive attitude and adjust plans for the future. Glad that we did it and now we can continue implementing our strategies.

Which quotes do you consider the best for you?
“I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” By Thomas Edison

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” by Mark Twain.

The first quote resembles very well one side of my philosophy of life: there’s learning in every situation, everything depends on our attitudes and the ability to extract experience. Also, it shows the tremendous power of persistence. People who win or succeed don’t give up, moreover with the 1 st difficulty or failure, which are beneficial, because they develop creativity. If somebody succeeds at their 1 st attempt, they will apply the same strategy for every next issue. But if they fail, it makes them think, act in a non-standard way and invent more and more solutions which may serve in future for other challenges.

The quote by Mark Twain is the most significant explanation of one of my values – authenticity. Human beings are unconsciously conformists. It’s somewhere deep inside ourselves to follow the crowd or comply with the majority. But how often do we trust our own decisions and solutions? How often do we take a break to evaluate
whether our authentic views, thoughts, plans can lead us much further than the aspirations of the majority? It takes inner strength and courage to step out and be different, but this is the case when means justify the outcomes.

Do you know the Slovak Republic?
Of course! Gorgeous Slovak Republic borders on Ukraine – the country of my origin. The Slovak Republic used to form a part of Czechoslovakia. Velvet Revolution eliminated the communist regime in Czechoslovakia, and the 1993 Slovak Republic became independent. Now it’s a very welldeveloped part of the European Union, NATO, United Nations and Schengen Area with high standards of living and democracy.

I have a friend from Bratislava (the capital of Slovak Republic), we met some 12 years ago. His name is Michael, and he is a very decent person with an excellent sense of humour, incredible mental capacity and successful career. He always seems to me like a brother. Though we didn’t speak the same mother tongue and were born in different counties, the understanding is impressive. Our friendship makes me believe that all Slovak people are incredible!

What do you think about International Business CLUB and networking?
I think that it’s a fantastic idea and a noble mission to bring the prominent entrepreneurs together to create a robust business community, which can make a positive social impact.

What kind of advice would you like to give to people?
It’s such a cliché to say “follow your dreams”, but this is what life is about! Avoid conformism, avoid imposed goals and beliefs, work on your development, become the best version of yourself, do what you have passion for, become happy, harmonic and thriving, make your contribution to making society and the world a better place.


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