I N F L U E N C E R S –  N A S R A T A   Z E N A  ( S L O V A K I A )

I appear on social networks under the pseudonym NASRATÁ ŽENA, while I try to spread humor and good mood around me. However, I claim that I am simply a Slovakian who loves people from every corner of our country. I’m from a beautiful small town located in the west. Although I was never a study type, I managed to finish my journalism, which has always been my childhood dream.

How did you get to what you are doing? What led you to do it?
The overall creation of NASRATÁ ŽENA was a double-dip recession. At the time, I was writing short poems, but also at the time I started singing. 

Everything happened spontaneously, when I sat in my grandmother’s kitchen, in the rainy weather, and wrote down a short text. Subsequently, I created a simple logo with an obese unicorn and started regularly adding poems. First on Facebook, and later on Instagram. Over time, I gave up writing because I felt like I was repeating myself too much and only adding poems once in a while. However, in February of this year, just after returning from vacation, I came across a Slovak text in the car to the music of the notorious song Dance Monkey, which I finally recorded for my friends as Valentine’s recession. Still, I also added it to NASRATÁ ŽENA.

By adding almost nothing to social networks, I expected only a small and, with all the modesty, preferably a negative response, but the exact opposite happened. In a few days, “NALEJ MI” with a spiral spread on my face had almost a million visions, which triggered my further activities.

How would you best describe what you are currently doing and what you would like to achieve?
Honestly, all I’m trying to do, and whatever clichés it sounds like, is to make people happy, make them laugh, and spread positive energy. I have no spectacular goals. On the contrary, I expect absolutely nothing.

In the first moment, I wanted to release only the first cover, and NASRATÁ ŽENA can be stopped completely, or put back on, but the people themselves started massively writing to me that I was making them laugh and when a new song would be released.

From absolute anonymity, I therefore automatically switched to at least partial anonymity, while I present myself exclusively under the filter. And paradoxically, it doesn’t beautify me in any way, but it partially degenerates me.

What do you consider most important in the influencer sphere, and why?
I follow a lot of inspiring personalities on Instagram, whether it’s in the field of music, entertainment, sports, or lifestyle. I have no doubt that each of us is interested in something different, but I have to admit, the most important thing for me is whether the person can move me forward with something. At least, in my opinion, there are many unique personalities in Slovakia.

Still, the content of many of them has shrunk to presenting discount codes, promoting weight loss products, and a perfect life without problems. I try to deal with the problems of the women I come from, and therefore ordinary mortals, who are sometimes angered by the protruding fat from their trousers, spoiled relationships, or defective goods on store shelves during the coronary crisis.

I think it’s essential to keep my face, and even though I don’t consider myself an influencer, by what I’m watching, I’m offering exclusively authentic content from my life.

You inspire a lot of people with your contribution, you have a lot of followers, how do you perceive it, that you are an increasingly famous personality?
By remaining anonymous and, as a result of government regulations, it is not even possible to do concerts or social events where I would perform, and I still live in my little bubble. Although my covers have impressive numbers that often literally impress me, and thousands of amazing people also support me, I don’t feel like I’m better known.

I am infinitely grateful for every single message and comment, as well as for the support of every single person who enjoys my content. I realize that there is only a fragile line between fun and embarrassment, and I often struggle with what to put out and what I prefer to erase immediately. In many posts, I feared that people would react negatively, but paradoxically, the exact opposite happened. But what it
means to me the most is when someone writes to me that he had a bad day, and it was my video that made him smile again. Then I know it makes sense.

What do you think about the project of international cooperation within the Private Business Club International, and how do you perceive the idea of an international magazine focused on people?
I admire everyone who wants to make Slovakia positively visible abroad, as a lot of intelligent, talented, and successful people come from our country. Few of them are lucky enough to be presented in the international media, and I indeed consider this project to be a significant step forward.

What are your views on entrepreneurship education, academies, lectures, and miscellaneous motivational webinars?
I am a supporter that one should gradually learn throughout one’s life, even though I have never been an honest student. However, for the development of personality, growth, and progress, each of us needs to learn, which proves the constant desire of Slovaks to be better and more independent.

Which culture is most interesting for you?
I love European and especially Slovak culture, and at every good party, I can’t miss the parquet when the folk songs are playing. Paradoxically, however, I am not a lover of bryndza dumplings or tassels, I prefer anything with jam or potatoes. However, every culture has something that pays to love it, but for me, America is still close. Two years ago, I had the opportunity to wake up for a month in unique New York, but I’m not entirely sure if I was engulfed by culture itself or the city as a whole.

What amazing and fascinating countries do you like and why? (respectively you would like them to visit)
For me, it is the already mentioned New York, where I would like to return, but I also like to discover new places. I was born in the sign of Gemini, so, on the one hand, I like busy destinations, which are full of wild people and unrestrained parties, and on the other, I love peace, peace, and the countryside. My dream is to go through all the English places from the novels Charlotte Bronte and Jane Austin, as well as Scotland, but I am also too attracted to anything where I get with a bunch of best friends for cheap flights 🙂

Do you have any ambitions and visions for the future? What would you like to achieve?
By working on social networks, my ambition is to keep me from getting tired of people. I do everything I publish casually without having to publish something violently, and I want it to stay that way. I want to entertain people while looking at my posts and have a better day.

Do you have dreams? Have you managed to meet any of them already?
I have dreams, and there are many of them. Since I was a child, I hoped for no animal in the world will ever be abused; for everyone to find a home, I could eat an infinite amount of chocolate, and my acne and “drooping” hands disappeared. I try to realize what I desire in small steps, and that is why I have two adopted dogs at home who have filled my life entirely, and I believe that I will give them as well. However, my biggest dream for many years was the famous New York and let someone know at least one of my texts by heart.

Which quotes best describe you?
“Use your smile to change this world, but don’t let this world change your smile…”


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