"There are no limits..."


W I T H   N A L I Y A H   P E T E R S O N – W I L L I A M S  ( C A N A D A )

Naliyah, 11 yo, Model, Canada. She started very young with the love of fashion. By the age of three, she could wear heels very good. She didn’t start modeling and acting until the age of 9, that is when she felt ready. Once she started, she was interested in learning everything there was onset. From the hair and makeup, designers, scripts, production crew jobs, different walks, and poses. She was a self-learner from the start.

In my opinion, the best benefits of fashion for children: selfesteem, gaining confidence, meeting new friends, getting over fears, being a leader, positive influencer… 

Disadvantages of fashion for children – can be jealous, hard work, some times you get very busy, if they’re not picked for a job, it can hurt their feeling…

Skills – Professionalisms, good work ethic, creativity in clothing and design, patience…

"There are no limits..."

Model: Naliyah Peterson – Williams
Photographer: The Butterfly Photography

Is she shy? What advice would you give to parents who have a shy child but loves fashion?
Naliyah wasn’t shy but always imagined there was no audience. If a child loves the fashion world look for smaller venues to model at, eventually they may get over their fear. Practice at home and do virtual runway shows. Don’t give up if it’s something they love. If the child isn’t ready, the parent shouldn’t force them. Having a child get in the business too early may backfire, and the child may end up not liking it at all. Naliyah was nine and ready. I think it was the perfect time for her.

How often and long does your daughter train?
Naliyah trains twice a week for about an hour and a half, some training has gone virtually since COVID-19. Fashion shows are a must, and any fashion shows that she can attend either in Canada or the USA she does. Photoshoots are constant, and modeling for different brands are ongoing.

What are her greatest successes?
Being chosen to model for the new Lifestyle Royalton Resort in the beautiful country of Antigua for one week, being featured in a Nike commercial with Canadian women soccer player Christine Sinclair for the FIFA women’s World Cup soccer. Naliyah would love to be a professional soccer player one day…

What are your daughter’s dreams?
Naliyah has always talked about modeling professional and worldwide. Her favorite models are Jasmine Sanders, Rose Bertram and Slick Woods. Although she doesn’t own anything Dior, her favorite collection is Christian Dior.

Why is it essential to encourage and motivate children to have dreams?
Experiences are her motivation and making her family proud. Naliyah loves to travel, trying on new clothes and getting all glammed up. Children need to have a good work ethic and be motivated to reach their goals. Children can also earn money and save for their future

Model: Naliyah Peterson – Williams
Photographer: The Butterfly Photography

Naliyah continues to grow and learn the industry. Fashion is a massive part of her life and her self expression. Soon Naliyah will be creating a body scrub for girls and teens. There are no limits.


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