W I T H   I N E S   M A R Q U E S   ( P O R T U G A L )

My name is Ines Marques, I am 27 years old, and I was born and currently live in Portugal. I am professional dancer and entrepreneur. I started dancing when I was 23 years old at that time. I was living in Dubai and was working for Emirates Airline. I started dancing only as a hobby but became passionate about it.

What is the benefit of dance lessons for kids? What are the key advantages and disadvantages of Dance?
Whether you’re 80 years old or eight years old, engaging in physical activities that involve dance changes you.

From better physical and mental health to a boost in emotional and social well-being, moving your body to the sound of music can transform your life, at any age.

As the main benefits, I would say increased muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness, improved muscle tone and strength, weight management, better coordination, agility and flexibility.

"Don't limit yourself...."

What kind of personal skills are you going to see in yourself thanks to Dance?
1. Accountability: As a dancer, you are part of a team working together to present the best possible performance. You learn quickly that others rely on you, and you are accountable to fulfil your role with humility and hard work.
2. Personal Responsibility: A lot more goes into dance class than one might realize. You need to remember your dancewear and shoes, arrive on time, warm yourself up,
remember combinations and choreography, apply corrections from the instructor, follow proper etiquette and interact with your fellow dancers safely and appropriately.
3. Persistence: You have to work at it, spending hours in the studio perfecting your craft. You must practice simple and mundane elements over and over again before you can move on to the more exciting tricks and choreography.
4. Creativity: We live in a creative economy. The ability to innovate, think outside the box, and approach problems in creative ways is valued in every field, now more than ever. Dance allows for creativity on multiple levels.
5. Attention to Detail: Dance is all about the details.

What has been your proudest moment as a dancer? What has been your most challenging moment?
My proudest moment as a dancer, was when I won my first International Competition, last year in November. I took first place in my category and was happy and excited about it. 

My most challenging moment was after giving birth to my son. I wanted to dance so badly but had to take it slow due to the fact I had a c-section performed. So had to wait a few weeks until I went back to my dance routine.

Are you shy? What advice would you give to parents who have a shy child but loves Dance?
I used to be shy when performing to a broad audience, but now I am very comfortable in dancing in public.

The best advice I can give to parents with shy children is to find a good teacher/ mentor and bring them frequently to Dance Classes, there are so many benefits to start dancing at a young age. 

How often and long you train?
I train around 3 hours a day. I usually do 2 hours of intensive stretching and 1 hour of flexibility training. Besides that, I also teach 2 hours from Monday to Saturday. I usually train six days a week.

Have you some dreams and ambitions? Did your parents teach you to have ambitions and the need to work on them?
Yes, I have so many dreams and ambitions. I have an entire list that I want to turn into reality. I believe that we have to set goals and dreams to be able to accomplish anything in life. My parents inspired me to always work towards my dreams and ambitions.

Model: Ines Marques
Photographer: Raul Santos Photography

Do you fulfil your dreams? Do you live your dream?
When I started dancing, I became so passionate about it. I used to spend all my days off at my nearest Pole Studio. My dream was to teach and to open my Dance Academy, I turned that dream into reality, and I am so happy about it. 

I remember to dream about the life I have at the moment. We are only as Big as our Dreams.

Model: Ines Marques
Photographer: Pedro Ribeiro

What can motivate you? Do you like some motivational quotes?
I love watching dance shows and performances. This motivates me. I also love to read, and I am in love with motivational leaders like Tony Robbins and Joe Dispenza. They helped me to look at any problem in life as a hidden opportunity. One of my favourite quotes is “Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.” – Mary Kay Ash

How does your country impact International trade & business?
As with all E.U. countries, Portugal’s borders and ports are entirely open to the free flow of trade with other E.U. member countries. Portugal has a politically stable environment with a democratically elected parliamentary government and is welcoming foreign business and investment. Portugal’s continued drive to modernize and diversify its economy will offer possibilities for growth in trade and investment over the medium and long-term. Demand for high-quality, price-competitive products in Portugal are strong, and privatization of several large governments- owned companies, will provide additional investment opportunities. The Portuguese market is broader than it may initially appear. While there are only 10.6 million people in Portugal, there are well over 230 million people who speak Portuguese worldwide.

What are the key advantages and disadvantages of international trade & cooperation? What are the key advantages and disadvantages of entrepreneurship in your country?
In my opinion, the main advantages of International Trade and Cooperation are the optimal use of natural resources, stability in prices (International trade irons out wild fluctuations in prices) and increase efficiency. Due to international competition, the producers in a country attempt to produce better quality goods at the minimum possible cost. This increases the efficiency and benefits the consumers all over the world. 

The main disadvantages are Economic Dependence (the underdeveloped countries have to depend upon the developed ones for their economic development). Such reliance often leads to economic exploitation. And misutilization of Natural Resources (excessive exports may exhaust the natural resources of a country in a shorter time than it would have been otherwise). This will cause the economic downfall of the country in the long run. 

In recent years, a new development model has started to unfold, with a clear vision of Portugal is demonstrating a competitive advantage based on knowledge and innovation. The cost of living is much cheaper than in most other capitals. Combined with that – Portugal’s education system is exceptional – making for a fantastic pool of local talent at competitive prices and fluent in English. The entire country is packed with an ambitious multilingual and highly qualified youth. 

Secondly, in recent years, Portugal, in particular, have significantly simplified the process of building a business, incentivizing people to launch their enterprise. I experienced that first hand when I opened my first company. It took me a couple of hours to open my activity, instead of days or weeks like I have experienced before in other countries. 

About the disadvantages of Entrepreneurship in Portugal, the primary key is Businesses pay high taxes in Portugal. 

The economic situation…
The Portuguese economy has been steady, expanding continuously since the third quarter of 2014. Now, due to the unexpected COVID 19 crises we encountered, we are expecting a severe contraction in economic output this year.

The perspective…
After achieving its most robust growth of the century in 2017, the Portuguese economy kept expanding and is estimated to have grown by 2.2% of GDP in 2019, from 2.6% the previous year. The growth was mainly driven by strong domestic demand.

International cooperation with entrepreneurs from Portugal…
Cooperation among countries can be a useful tool to strengthen, share and accelerate health development within countries and across regions. It involves creating, adapting, transferring and sharing knowledge and experiences to improve health – while also making the most of existing resources and capacities.

The political situation in Portugal…
Politics in Portugal take place in a framework of a unitary semi-presidential a representative democratic republic, whereby the Prime Minister of Portugal is the head of government. Portugal has a multi-party system.

The people and entrepreneurs in Portugal…
Describing Portuguese people and Entrepreneurs is never easy, but it can be said that most Portuguese are easygoing, welcoming, and friendly. Although some at first may appear sullen and morose to foreigners, they are generally known to be willing to go out of their way to help.

Which business culture do you like?
As Business Culture, I identify myself more with Americans, mainly due to their marketing tactics that other countries would consider invasive. Sports broadcasting is a great example: every stoppage has its ad break, and every statistic is sponsored.

European sports like soccer, commercials are limited to the half-time break, and the surrounding 90 minutes of action is unimpeded (with a few on-field exceptions). Similarly, many countries in Europe don’t allow the prescription medication to be advertised at all.

Are you happy with your life?
Yes, I am thrilled at the moment I have worked very hard this last couple of years to achieve what I have now. I used to dream with the life I have now, and I am forever grateful for this opportunity.

I have 3 Companies…

This was the first company I had started when I moved back to Portugal. We are a clothing brand that is working with sustainable products at the moment. This was the company that took me the longest to create since there is a lot of research involved. First steps involved looking for manufacturers, creating designs, checking the shipping options.

This one was one of my dreams since I started dancing four years and a half ago, it is a Dance School, specialized in Pole Dance, Aerial Hoop and Flexibility. It was my dream for so many years. The first step and hardest was to find a place suitable for the practice.

It is an online Dance Academy that I have created to respond to the high demand of people interested in taking classes from the comfort of their home. First steps were the creation of video content for the website.

Describe the most beautiful and unique things of your business…
I love the fact that I can create my schedule, I can work from anywhere, anytime. Sometimes I go late to bed because I am working, other times I wake up before sunrise to work. It all depends on what I have to do for that week.

Do you have some dreams?
I have realized that all the Dreams I set up for me become a reality, so now my biggest dream is to be able to help millions of people. I have realized that nothing fulfills me more than when I help someone. And the truth is, only with Financial Freedom we are able to touch as many lives as possible.

What has been your proudest moment as an entrepreneur? What has been your most challenging moment?
I would say my proudest moment was when I started my first company and immediately it became successful, that made me realize that we can achieve anything we want, as long as we can work for it. The most challenging was, when I started my first company, a few weeks later, my business partner decided to leave the Business. I was heartbroken for a few days because I had all my savings in that company and was afraid to fail, but then a friend told me: “It looks like Success is your only option”. So, I stopped crying and turned my business into a success story.

Which quotes do you consider the best for you?
“Disappointments are hidden opportunities” by Tony Robbins. I love this quote because every time I encounter a problem, I always look at it as there is an opportunity. Change the way you look at things; change your life.

Do you know the Slovak Republic? What do you think about this country?
I have never visited the Slovak Republic, I only know from books and documentaries. It is right at the heart of Europe with a history closely intertwined with its neighbors. I like the fact that Slovakia has managed to preserve its language
and distinct culture.

What do you think about International Business CLUB and networking?
I think the International Business Club and networking is fundamental to businesses since it helps to make your business as efficient and profitable as possible, while understanding Businesses have limited resources and Budget.

What kind of advice would you like to give to people?
My most excellent advice is for people just to do it. Try it. Don’t give up with the first issue that appears. And take massive action, if every day we take a step closer to our goal we can accomplish anything. 

My brands all have been created with love, I have put countless hours into it and believe that I have created some great products. Since starting my entrepreneur the journey I have learned everything from creating my website to sewing clothes, to creating video and picture content to being my accountant… I believe that as a CEO, my primary role is to know a little bit from each aspect of my brands, in all the different areas. Because you can only be a good leader if you are an expert in your craft.


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