W I T H  E R I K   K V A S N I C K A   ( S L O V A K I A )

Erik Kvasnicka, 23 years old, I currently live in Brusno and Kosice. I have just finished the University of Edinburgh, so have a degree in Computer Science.

How did you get to what you are doing?
I have always dreamed of having my own business and wanted to help others. Many people believe the world is terrible and people are evil. My goal is to show them that
there are people that are good and want genuinely help. So I have started my own business in eCommerce. My first eshop was pretty successful, so I have built on that, created new ones and then converted to helping others create their own as well..

However, I realized that doing stores and marketing is not something that would do something great in the world the way I thought, and so I have joined my brother. Together we created a brand, called Kvasnickas, where we teach people how to be successful financially.

How would you best describe what you are currently doing and what you would like to achieve?
Currently, I am helping people to achieve their goals and desires in the financial sphere. Financial education in our country and overall is a nasty level.

My goal and the goal of our brand – Kvasnickas – is to educate people about finance and help them to have better lives. It’s not easy, as people do not believe in services that are free for them and to something new for them, but that’s business. Nothing is easy.

What do you consider most important in the business sphere, and why?
Essential in business is perseverance and outstanding work that benefits all sides. The service or product that is good only for one side can never be a success. Win-win scenarios exist; it’s just people need to find good people and companies.

What do you think about the whole business industry?
Business is not accessible and only the most flexible ones survive. I have seen it with my own eyes that there is business, and there is busyness. One can follow the other, but it’s more common that people do the second version thinking they have a profitable business. In my opinion, old businesses currently work on old standards, and they need to adjust to being successful in the future. Busyness can be useful, sometimes. However, happy life can never go from it. So businesses that their only incentive is the profit, not a real win-win situation, will loose significantly in the future.

How does your country impact International business?
I was living in Edinburgh for four years, where I have studied and so been doing business from there, and I must say that I have never had any problem doing it that way. My target market was usually US, UK and other English speaking countries, so the only downside was longer shipping times and currency conversions, but by having business registered in Slovakia I think is a perfect option.

What are the key advantages and disadvantages of international cooperation?
Cooperation between countries is critical. In eCommerce business, a great advantage was the cooperation between China and the US, for example, where some shipping couriers could ship goods much faster, under two weeks. That’s unfortunately not true for some European countries, like Slovakia, but without it, there would be a massive difficulty in doing business internationally.

The disadvantage I see is the Taxes between countries and Customs that needs to be paid. I have had some goods from Australia, but the customs were too big to stay profitable and so needed to replace that with suppliers from other countries.

Describe the political situation in your country…
The political situation here is not ideal, but I believe as the new political candidates won the elections, it’s getting better. We need more people there with a good heart and the right values in them.

Describe the people in your country…
People in Slovakia are generous, and I believe they are right. On the other hand, many of them are jealous, and they talk about things and people, but never do a thing themselves to achieve that, too. By stopping to be judgemental could help the nation rapidly. However, that’s just a dream here, haha!

Do you like “BUSINESS LIFE “? What do you think about international trade and cooperation?
I love business, and I certainly believe I was born to do business and help a lot of people by doing it. Time flexibility in business is what is a must for me and what I love. I hated staying at work 8 hours a day, being paid 3€ an hour and always being told what to do. In business, yes, there are times I need to work 15-18 hours a day, but it’s my decision, my time and mainly I know precisely why I am doing it and that I am doing it for my family and for me.

What do you think about an International Magazine focused on people?
I am pleased some people do these kinds of magazines. When I have time, I like to read about successful people, their opinions and points of view and take inspiration from them.

What is your opinion on education, academies, lectures and various motivational webinars?
They are hugely beneficial, and I have personally studied a lot of courses, read hundreds of books on business, been on international business conferences and what I have to say they always give me something I can apply and build on. However, the real key is to go out there and indeed APPLY that knowledge. That’s what I am currently doing and what works for me.

Which culture is most interesting for you and why? (European, Asian, African, American)
All cultures have something to teach us and to show us. I love my country and would love to explore new cultures as well. Very interesting to me is Egyptian culture and then also Asian because I like also exploring the history and some “mystical “information we have from the old ages. Exploring also different beliefs like Buddhism, Hinduism and others are fascinating to me.

Do you have any ambitions or visions?
My ambitions are tremendous and visions as well. We want our brand to be known in connection with finances nationally and seen everywhere in connection with the word “finance “.

However, we don’t want to stop there. My vision is to educate people internationally, show them that with doing the business on the right pillars can do wonders to them and also build business centres internationally where people can connect, talk about ideas, work on their dreams and where the environment would be set for them the right way.

Which are your most significant career dreams? Have you managed to meet any of them already?
I have always dreamed of earning while sleeping and have a successful online store, and that is what I have achieved. The second dream is to have a global educational platform, where people learn from the best in the field they want to dominate.

In the current business, I dream that people use our services when dealing with finances and that we scale to other countries such as Ukraine, Poland, Hungary and

Which quotes best describe you and why?
The one I like is this one: “Every thought we are thinking, every work we are speaking is creating our future. “It speaks for itself.

What kind of advice would you like to give to people?
My advice would be to keep on doing the things that they believe in and that they love, but being wise enough to know when to adjust and pivot when needed. It won’t be easy at the beginning, but it’s needed to build the person you always wanted to be.


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