W I T H   A R A M I   C A S A S  ( M E X I C O )

Arami Casas, 8 y.o., Ballerina, Mexico. She’s a lovely heart dancer. She started at the age of 3 with ballet classes. At the beginning she was timid, but she continued right along with her Teacher Miss Zaira Arvizu.

The best of Ballet is the confidence and discipline the kids get. It’s fantastic to see little kids so prepared, mature and knowing the importance to be committed into something. I see her all secure and confident with herself. She has become responsible and honest, a hard-working little girl.

The only disadvantage I see, it’s to have no rest ! Even on Sundays we have rehearsals and things to do!

Her proudest moment was this February when she got select as a preliminary Artist of The Year at TDR Dance Convention. She didn’t even have the age to apply for this, but she got into encouraged by her teacher, and she got it!

Her most challenging moment was doing a musical theatre solo this summer, she only did Ballet until then.

Model: Arami Casas
Photographer: Chocoteco Fotografia

At the beginning she was timid, she used to cry every class. But with patience and love, she managed to finally loved to be there! And that was the beginning of everything.

I think you need to push them and be for them. Kids sometimes may get tired of the hours at the studio, sometimes they miss being on parties, and all of that.

But if you talk to them and encourage them to follow their dreams, they’ll see it is not so hard.

Arami trains daily up to 3 hours. She takes ballet, jazz, lyrical and stretching classes. On the weekend it depends on the season, either if they have rehearsals, shootings or masterclasses.
Her most tremendous success was to be accepted at a Russian Ballet Summer Intensive. Unfortunately, with this pandemic situation, it was cancelled. But she is ready to try it one more time next year!

Her biggest dream is to get into a professional ballet company. She dreams of being on the biggest stages around the world. I tell her every night that dreams do come true, for those who fight for them.

Her favourite ballerina is the Mexican prima ballerina Elisa Carrillo, and she is an inspiration for her. She would love to be a Bolshoi ballet dancer.

Her biggest motivation is to become a professional ballerina someday. She knows it’s a challenging journey, but she works hard every day on her classes.

It’s important to teach children the good things in life. With all the chaos in the world, I think it’s essential to keep their minds with good things

Arami Is an actual member of the Dance Company at Volare Ad. She is trying different dance styles like musical theatre and lyrical jazz. Next year she will apply for a summer ballet intensive.

We are also working on becoming a Grishko Ambassador, and she will love to represent her favourite brand from Mexico.


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