W I T H   A N N A   K S E N Y K  ( U K R A I N E )

My name is Anna Ksenyk. I am 18 years old. I am a professional ballerina from Kyiv. This year I graduated from the Kyiv State Choreographic School. I began to study Ballet at the age of 4 in a local theatre and then Grandma and Mom brought me to the choreographic college “Kiyanochka”. I had data for Ballet: beautiful feet, danceability, high-spirited character. I was eager to dance and often fantasized while dancing. At the age of 10, I entered the choreographic school, having passed a tough selection competition. These were my first steps on a problematic 8-year path of learning, full of difficulties and overcoming myself.

Today I am a college graduate with honours. I have dedicated 14 years of my Life to Ballet, and I am full of enthusiasm, as never before, to continue my path and improve! I feel like Ballet is exactly my path, my vocation in life.

"The main thing is not to create illusions... Do not betray your dream!"

What is the benefit of dance lessons for kids?
After going through ballet school, the child goes through a whole school of life. We are not like our peers. We look fragile, but our characters are steel. In Ballet, only those who have managed to temper willpower, give their work all their thoughts, aspirations and strengths survive. Ballet makes us older and more robust than others as children. But whoever finds himself will open up the Amazing world of inspiration and happiness in Dance, he understands that everything is not in vain And that the most challenging work is worth happy moments on stage!

Ballet is cruel. He does not accept everyone; he breaks the life of someone but elevates someone. And the point is that this is understandable already in ballet school.

What kind of personal skills are you going to see in yourself thanks to Ballet?
thanks to Ballet, I became hard-working and more determined. I know how to find motivation and inspiration every day. I have a goal and self-confidence. I feel that I am developing not only physically, but also spiritually serving the high art of Ballet.

What has been your proudest moment as a dancer? What has been your most challenging moment?
Today I am most proud of myself with my main dancing parts in ballets “La Peri” and “Coppelia” on the stage of the National Opera of Ukraine. To our school came the world allet star Vladimir Malakhov! Of all the students, he choose me for the leading role! I think this is a sign of fate. I put into these ballets all my love for Ballet, all my work and energy. 

I consider these days one of the happiest in my life, but also the most difficult, because they were significant in my career.

Are you shy?
I have never been shy. If doubts about something crept in, I always tried to overcome myself. Because in Ballet it is impossible to do otherwise, otherwise your place will be taken by another.

How can parents encourage a passion in their child when they don’t have that skill?
All my family are doctors. They sent me to Ballet. They, together with me with all love and attention, comprehend the sorrows and joys of Ballet. The main thing is that the child himself burns with this and has a desire!

How often and long you train?
During rehearsals and performances at the school, we practice Ballet from 4 to 7 hours a day. These are rehearsal, lessons stage run-throughs, duet , classic… But regardless of everything, each artist needs to be always in shape, so every morning you need to do a ballet class for 1- 2 hours.

What was your most tremendous success?
I consider it my most tremendous success to get into the profession that will make me happy. In Ballet, I feel that I am striving for my goals And I get mad energy and pleasure from this. This pushes me so much.

Have you some dreams and ambitions?
I have many dreams and ambitions. I think They help and give an impetus to their fulfilment. The main thing is not to create illusions. Do not betray your dream!

Do you live your dream?
I call my biggest dream, the path in Ballet and Life.I set goals that, in small steps, lead me along this path that make me happy. My dream lives in me.

What can motivate you?
I am motivated by people in Ballet, many personalities whom I admire; they charge me and spur me on. I love to read motivating books, for example, The 10 Rules of Success” by Itzhak Pintosevich, a biography of famous people Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie Robert Pattinson Steve Jobs and also find quotes. Favourite quotes I write in my notebook and sometimes re-read. I find many from interviews with famous personalities of history, art.

Are you happy with your life?
I am happy Because with me my family, home, friends and I am busy with what I love, which has accepted me. I feel like my dreams are coming true.

Right now I have completed an essential chapter in my life (graduation), and I am starting a new life –as an adult, full of unexpected twists and turns. I am looking forward to my first season in the theatre as a professional ballerina.

I find Business Club International Magazine a great project to share stories of Person from around the world !!! That will surely inspire other people and children to pursue their dreams. I am glad to share my story, and I always read unique stories of people with interest. Thank you for this chance!


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