W I T H   A L E X E J   K U R U C  ( S L O V A K I A )

Alexej is a 4-year-old purposeful soccer player from the Slovak Republic. He first started playing soccer when he was one, and that was the moment when he fell in love with soccer. Wait a moment. I think that he first tried playing soccer during pregnancy. Now, at the age of 4, he entered the first soccer club and started training “professionally” with an excellent coach Lukas Kupec.

Alexej fell in love with fashion too, so we created for him his fashion brand LAV Ü. We did not make this brand for business. It’s like a tool to teach Alexej to be creative and respect the work of others.

I think creativity should be a vital characteristic of every child, and the parent must support it by all means. Play with your children what THEY want, and allow them to improve their creativity.

Alexej loves to go crazy. Mom doesn’t like it, but it’s our man’s world. There are no limits, and there is no shame. Of course, everything must have boundaries, but in my opinion, it is the perfect way to teach him to work with emotions, not to be shy, and how to be an energetic and happy man.

What is the benefit of soccer for kids?
Soccer teaches children the importance of teamwork, and it is a crucial part of a child’s development. It allows a child to identify personally with team successes. Soccer develops agility, stamina, speed, and thanks to soccer, children can improve sensitivity to make the right decision. And there are some health benefits of active sports too.

How often and how long does he train?
He started training “professionally” in his first soccer team, and he trains individually with me too. So I think it is around 8-10 hours per week.

What has been her proudest moment? What has been her most challenging moment?
We teach him to be proud of all his accomplishments. Every small success can be a part of great success. He should always appreciate the little things.I remember the moment when he first successfully passed me when he first scored. I remember the moment when he learned his first trick. Alexej was so pleased, and I was a proud father.

His most challenging moment is whenever he must overcome his limits. Of course, Alexej is still a child, but it requires systematic work.

Does he have some dreams?
Of course! He is a creative boy, so he has many dreams. Children must have dreams, which means they must think about them and not their parents. He is still a child, so if he tells us, “I WANT TO BE A FIREMAN”, we will support him. If he tells us, “I WANT TO BE A BUILDER”, we will support him. If he tells us, “I WANT TO BE A BARBIE” … stop… everything must have boundaries 🙂

He fell in love with the piano and cello too. His favorite artists are PianoGuys and HAUSER. So I think his little dream is to play the piano and cello, but he is small for that… in Slovakia.

We created for him his fashion brand LAV Ü. He can improve his creativity, and he is very proud of the jeans and shirt he made. He can entirely enhance his imagination and fine motor skills.

Do you teach him to have ambitions and to work hard toward those ambitions?
We always say to him: “In your life, you have to say what you want. Never say what you don’t want.” This sentence teaches him how to be ambitious and how to focus on the things he wants. He must learn how to think positively.

Now, he doesn’t say to me: “I don’t want to eat potatoes.”. He says: “I want to eat only fish and vegetables, and you can eat my potatoes.”

One year ago, when he was two and a half, we built his own house together in the garden. It was our dream. So, I taught him, by real example, how to work on our dreams and what obstacles we need to overcome in this way. This lesson also taught him that the most beautiful things in life are free. 

But the most important thing we have to teach our ambitious children is:

"Never want to be better than others... You have to be the best version of yourself"

Alexej is a very active child. He loves horse riding, LEGO, cars, etc.
The car on the picture we bought for 20$ in a dilapidated condition, but together with Alexej, we renovated it. It was a beautiful time and a perfect opportunity to teach him those things made by our hands tell a story and have the highest value.

KIDS WITH DREAMS is the most beautiful project by our Business Magazine International. Children are our future. There are many ways play can help children love the world and the people around them. Adults are strong role models for the way children understand the importance of the world around them. Thanks to all parents who support their children’s dreams and ambitions.


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